2nd Round Q&A on Self Adhesive Fabric Canvas Installation

Q&A on ONEW Hot Sale Self Adhesive Canvas Installation
25 May 2023
Invitation | Welcome to Our Booth at SGI Dubai 2019
25 May 2023

Well, ONEW has developed the Self Adhesive Fabric Canvas as a complete series: YD5001(75D*75D), YD5002(150D*150D), and YD5003(300D*300D) , even with customized types, e.g. scratch resistant type and water-based inkjet printable type. Thus, ONEW has become a global leading manufacturer of self adhesive fabric canvas material.

Based on more on-site feedback from customers, below are the 2rd Round of Q&A tips on ONEW hot sale self adhesive canvas installation:

1. During the printing operation on ONEW Self Adhesive Canvas, will the release paper or liner separate from the canvas?

Honestly, 100% NO!!! Normally, when water in the heated adhesive keeps volatilizing during the printing, separation of the release paper or liner will happen due to surface tension difference between the liner and the canvas. ONEW R&D center noticed this and developed special treatment on the adhesive. ONEW Self Adhesive Canvas has been tested and no separation of the liner will happen even at the temperature as high as 105℃ under operation of Latex printers.

2. During the printing operation on ONEW Self Adhesive Canvas, will its release paper or liner bulge and kiss or rub the printer head or nozzle?

Well, for normal operations, NO. For eco-solvent printers, such problem will never happen. For Latex high temperature printers, even operating at 116℃, such problem never happens.
Tips: Before Latex printing, pull out the self adhesive canvas for about 20cm to cover the heating area and this can ensure the self adhesive canvas in a stable temperature environment at the beginning and avoid the problem of kissing or rubbing the printer head. Last but not least, after printing, please wrap carefully the remaining blank materials and keep in good storage to avoid any damage or damp.

3. Will it bulge when ONEW Self Adhesive Canvas is rolled up after printing?

Our answer is NO. ONEW self adhesive canvas is made of high quality material. You can rest assured about its performance. We recommend you roll the self adhesive canvas with the printed side outward and do roll it gently and carefully.

4. When will the problems of blister or bubble occur after I install ONEW self adhesive canvas?

Actually, for ONEW self adhesive canvas, NEVER.
Two reasons as below:
Firstly, for ONEW wallcovering fabric material or paper material, the aperture or bore size is big enough for the gas during installation to discharge (no gas vent is needed). Secondly, the adhesive initial tack period is within 24h after installation, and the tack will strengthen afterwards.

5. How many times can I reuse or re-position the adhesive of ONEW self adhesive canvas?

Well, that’s a good question. It depends on the wall surface type where you reuse or re-position.
‘Re-position’ matters only during the initial tack period. Namely, within 24h after installation, the adhesive installation can be done repeatedly. Foor smooth and clean wall surface and surface like glass, wooden board, aluminum alloy sheet, the adhesive of ONEW self adhesive fabric canvas is estimated to be at least thousands of times re-positionable. But for those uncleaned wall surfaces with dirt or fall-offs, sorry we cannot help.