Printable Self Adhesive Fabric

Peel and stick print wallpaper

Peel and stick
self adhesive canvas

Product ID: YD5002
GSM: 320g
Size: 1.37m/1.52m

ONEW®YD5002 is a type of self-adhesive textile, tough, scuff-resistant, water-proof, designed specifically for wall graphic applications, it's easy to install and removable without adhesive remain.

ONEW®YD5002 offers an excellent choice for wall graphic applications that require easy installation.

Printable Self Adhesive Fabric

Product Characteristics
Product ID: YD5002
GSM: 320g
Dimensional Stability: ≤6mm
15min      6N/25MIN
24hrs       9.5N/25MIN
Shelf-Life: 5 years


  • Adhesive backed and easy installation
  • For wall coverings, Matte Finish
  • Ideal for creating customized interior design
  • clear printing effect and excellent color reproduction
  • Environmentally friendly

Chemical Characteristics: resistant to most mild acids, alkalis, and salt solutions.


Face: polyester fabric 150D*150D

Suction Layer: Transparent water-based acrylic adhesive

Liner: 140g two side silicone coated release paper


Common Applications
Interior Decoration/Signs/Commercial Advertisement