Printable Oblique Pattern Wallcovering Media

Oblique Pattern Wallcovering media

Product ID: YD3206
GSM: 250±10g
Thickness: 310um

Oblique Pattern Wallpaper is a high-foaming, deep-grain, rebound- resistant wallpaper, designed specifically for wall graphic applications.

Oblique Pattern Wallpaper offers an excellent choice
for wall graphic applications that require easy installation.

Product Characteristics
Product ID: YD3206
GSM: 250±10g
Thickness: 310um
Dimensional Stability: ≤0.1mm
Shelf-Life: 5 years

Chemical Characteristics: resistant to most mild acids, alkalis, and salt solutions.

Face: 80g pulp, 180g PVC

Coating: high-foaming PVC coating



Common Applications
Interior Decoration/Signs/Commercial Advertisement