Printable Backlit Glass Film

YG3101 Backlit Glass Film

Backlit Glass Film YG3101 is translucence film with innovative cling technology for premium window graphics, printing, and sign-making needs. It is a Polyethylene (PET) film for internal & external window graphics and displays.

YG3101 doesn’t rely on adhesive or static, very easy to cling onto glass, varnished wood, stainless steel, PVC, and other smooth surfaces.

The silicone based suction layer is low-tack, and will not leave adverse effect on applying surface, even for long term use.

Product Characteristics
Product ID: YG3101

Face film thickness: 145um
Adhesive thickness: 25um
Dimensional stability: ≤0.01mm
Gloss: 80%
Transmittance: 50%
15min        2.5N/25MIN
24hrs         4N/25MIN
Removability: 10years
Shelf-Life: 1years

Chemical Characteristics
: resistant to most mild acids, alkalis, and salt solutions.

Face: 14s translucence PET film
Suction layer: silicone-based
Liner: 50um BOPP


  • Mild/Eco Solvent inkjet
  • UV inkjet
  • Latexinkjet
  • Screen printing
  • Flat-bed die-cutting
  • Litho printing

Basic Installation Instructions

  1. The surface needs to be clean and free of dirt;
  2. Moisture the surface before clinging;
  3. Peeling the whole liner off gently;
  4. Carefully position the film so that it is properly aligned on all sides;
  5. Using a fitting tool to remove air bubbles when completely removed, and the graphics is in place;
  6. To reposition, slowly peel off the surface;
  7. Step back, and admire your work;

Common Applications
Excellent for street stores window advertisement

Backlit Glass Film
Backlit Glass Film